Q: Do you accept Christmas trees?

A: Yes, Christmas trees are counted as one item. We also accept pumpkins and bales of hay (no wire).

Q: What holidays do you observe?

A: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day are the only holidays Lawn-Corps honors. Service resumes the following day with the exception of Friday which stays the same.

Q: I don’t need a yearly service. Does Lawn-Corps offer single pickups?

A: Yes, we do offer a “one time” pick-up. If you are using paper bags, the cost would be $35 for up to twenty bags or bundles. If you are using plastic bags, the cost is $45 for up to twenty bags or bundles. Any units over the limit will be $1 per unit.


Q: I will be moving. Can the service be transferred?

A: Yes, service can be transferred if you have moved into an area we service. If you have moved outside our service area, you will be refunded the unused portion of your account. Just call the office and let us know when your last day of pick up will be.

Q: Can I upgrade my service?

A: Yes, your service can be upgraded. To do so, just call the office and make those arrangements.

Q: Do you take landscaping, scrap wood or rock?

A: No, Lawn-Corps will only collect organic matter such as leaves, grass, garden clippings and limbs. All that is collected is taken to our processing center for composting.

Q: Does Lawn-Corps collect sod or dirt?

Yes, we do collect sod and dirt as long as it's bagged and weighing 50lbs or under.

Q: Do you collect in bad weather?

A: If roads are icy or snow covered, all pick-ups will be postponed until road 
conditions improve. You may call for the status of your pick-up.

Q: My storm damage wasn’t taken, why?

Lawn-Corps has never removed storm damage or mass pruning as part of our yearly program. We will however, give estimates. Please remember, we are not a tree service and our programs should not be considered insurance against storm damage. Please, don’t expect to leave a small amount out each week until it’s gone.